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Now the public can apply shooting tactics similar to those used by law enforcement and military. Our simulator is utilized by police and military around the world. Benefits are recognized by utilizing this method of training, and now it's your turn! We have hundreds of different scenarios to choose from and test your skills. Moving targets, shoot/no-shoot situations, man-on-man challenges, and much more. Practice shooting while moving, use verbal commands, even deploying OC spray or a Taser gun. Simulated recoil makes this training as realistic as it can get. Shoot a Glock 17, Beretta M92, and/or an AR-15. It's all here!


How do you become a better shooter? You practice… practice… practice! Shooting with our virtual simulator is a safe and economical way to improve your shooting skills.

The Safer Way to Shoot

Like it or not, shooting is a sport that is intimidating (especially to new participants). A quality simulator offers our customers an extremely safe, and non-threatening environment to familiarize themselves with firearms and the sport of shooting.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Shooting is an expensive sport and the rising price and scarcity of ammunition are making it difficult for new enthusiasts to discover its benefits. Simulators provide a much needed element to any shooting enthusiast.

Safe Movement Training

Extreme flexibility, simple setup and small footprint of shooting simulators allow for training which is nearly impossible on a traditional firing line or in a classroom. Our simulator room is only limited by our imagination.

What we do



We are a firearms and less lethal virtual simulation company that allows the user to experience typical real-life threat scenarios. The scenarios place the user in a circumstance or position to make a decision to retreat, use their voice, or use the force necessary to stop the threat. As the various scenarios are experienced, the user learns what clues to look for, i.e., hands, shadows, behaviors, etc., in taking an action. VSS does not train the user on a correct response to a situation, but the user learns from experiencing the various scenarios.

This company started with a team of people, some of which are retired law enforcement professionals, that have experience as correctional officers and deputy sheriffs. Law enforcement training provides the same type of training that is being presented here at VSS, and we felt the general public could use this type of awareness training since there has been a steady increase in the number of carry concealed weapons (CCW) permits granted throughout the country. The CCW permit increase is most probably attributed to the increased need for self-protection or the protection of family/friends in immediate danger. Some of the VSS scenarios include home invasion and ATM robberies, along with many others. The user needs to know and learn about their personal weapon by firing it on a range with ammunition to get comfortable with its handling. Just having a CCW permit and performing a live firing on a range once in a while does not prepare you for using deadly or less lethal force when placed in that position. Unlike a live fire range, VSS provides their customers the opportunity to practice real-life scenarios, which provides a level of realism.

Come and experience VSS and see for yourself. Build your awareness skills and confidence with our virtual simulator.



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