June 16, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Safe Shot?

We are a firearms and less lethal virtual simulation company that allows the user to experience typical real-life threat scenarios. The scenarios place the user in a circumstance or position to make a decision to; retreat, use their voice, or use the force necessary to stop the threat. As the various scenarios are experienced, the user learns what clues to look for, i.e., hands, shadows, behaviors, etc., in taking an action. VSS does not train the user on a correct response to a situation, but the user learns from experiencing the various scenarios.

What if I do not like guns?

If you do not care to handle firearms, we have a less lethal form of protection scenarios by using pepper spray or Tasers.

Do you sell any products at the store?

At this time, we do not. In the near future, we plan on selling T-shirts, caps, pepper spray, Tasers, etc.

Do you offer any instruction?

No, we do not offer any instruction but we can provide some names of firearms instructors that can help you. If you wish, we can discuss each scenario with you.

Shouldn’t I practice using my own gun on the range with live ammo instead of an arcade game like you have at VSS.

First, VSS is not an arcade game and it is used to bring awareness to the different real-life scenarios that could occur in your life. When using the VSS scenarios a person should mentally pretend that these scenarios could be real and that if you point your weapon at a character on the screen and pull the trigger, a person in real life could die. It is also used to build your confidence.
Second, yes, you should always practice using your own weapon at range. VSS is not a replacement for your handling and familiarization of your own weapon. VSS is another tool to make you aware of situations and build your confidence.