June 16, 2016

Gun Simulation Facts

1) Trigger Time = Better Shooting

How do you become a better shooter?
You practice… practice… practice! shooting with our virtual simulator is a safe and economical way to improve your shooting skills. Due to the flexible nature of our virtual simulator, we provide the perfect environment for novice shooter to experienced shooters. The best way to learn is by doing, and these systems provide challenging scenarios for our advanced customers as well as simplified training for beginners in a true virtual shooting range.

Unlike our competitors, we will provide our customers the opportunity to have the ability to practice regardless of weather, and in real life scenarios that provide a level of realism that will be entertaining as well as educational.

2. The Safer Way to Shoot

Utilizing our shooting simulator is a very safe way to train our customers of all skill levels. Like it or not, shooting is a sport that is intimidating (especially to new participants). A quality simulator offers our customers an extremely safe, and non-threatening environment to familiarize themselves with firearms and the sport of shooting. Available on all our systems are a variety of weapons, and options to increase realism and proficiency of training. For new shooters this provides a comfortable and practical way to introduce our customers to the sport, without the anxiety of shooting an actual weapon the first time.

The systems are so versatile that we can offer each of our customer options based on their level of comfort and experience with weapons. A brand new shooter could start off with a completely inert replica pistol, allowing them to get comfortable with proper grip, a stable stance, and safe weapon handling. Next we move our customer up to a real pistol with a drop in laser. This gets them used to the weight of the weapon; the feel when they pull the trigger, and they can learn about magazine reloads and weapon malfunctions. Finally, go one step further by introducing pistols and rifles with CO2 driven recoil. They will feel the energy released when pulling the trigger. The expelled CO2 gas provides enough recoil to move the front sights and necessitates the shooter to reacquire the target, delivering a natural response on a smaller level that is perfect for training.

All of these different firearm options can be used on the simulator in conjunction with providing the appropriate software and scenarios for our shooters ability. For example, a new shooter would start off with a simple and safe simulated target using the replica pistol. More advanced shooters, would be introduced to scenarios where they need to move to cover, draw their weapon, and return fire in a live action simulated environment. The options are endless, and much safer and practical than setting up live round courses or scenario based shooting ranges.

3) A Cost Effective Alternative to Pricy Ammo

Shooting is an expensive sport and the rising price and scarcity of ammunition are making it difficult for new enthusiasts to discover its benefits. Simulators provide a much needed element to any shooting enthusiast. Customers can find our solution to save money, while still getting the high quality services and experiences of our state-of-the-art equipment. Providing an option which saves you money, enables advanced training, and is fun for our customers, and encourages continued practice.

Simulators are cost effective solutions for customers that are trying to save money on ammo or are looking to purchase a new weapon. Giving our customers an opportunity to use the weapon without actually firing offers a unique tool for customer before visiting a retail gun shops. Our cost effective simulation event for new shooters that can raise excitement and awareness to gun sports. Customers will appreciate the ability to practice skills without enduring the high cost of ammo. The added skills and excitement will drive our new customers to practice more frequently at our business.

4) Safe Movement Training

Extreme flexibility, simple setup and small footprint of shooting simulators allow for training which is nearly impossible on a traditional firing line or in a classroom. Our simulator room is only limited by our imagination. We have the ability to set up different firing positions, introduce obstacles to teach use of force tactics and advanced strategies. The introduction of moveable walls, furniture or silhouettes will provide an unparalleled opportunity to practice moving to cover, safely drawing a weapon, as well as finer skills of acquiring a target while moving from station to station.

Our Customers and trainers will both appreciate the ability to change physical situations while interacting with different scenarios presented by our simulator. With so many different software programs available, novices and advanced users will be presented with challenging situations that require quick thinking and proper reactions. With a little creativity, the teaching scenarios are boundless.

5) Extremely Effective Training

Incorporating a simulator into our preexisting classes is a highly effective way of enhancing the training experience. While we already offer classes, lectures, demonstrations and seminars to our clients; with a simulator we can raise the bar much higher. Our simulators are customizable to provide you an individualized and branded training session. We can easily insert our own slides, PDFs, websites, videos and any other external media to aid in our instruction. This will improve our presentation and create an active and entertaining environment.

The options are endless. Boost participation with more in-depth training and realistic subjects by incorporating a shooting simulator into our already successful classes. Offering a class to our clients about the differences between pistols and revolvers, and then let them truly feel the difference while shooting on our simulator, the Home invasion instruction has a completely different feel when our students are taught techniques and then allowed to practice with life-like scenarios that compliment our teachings. Encourage on-going training by presenting our personalized flyers and giving a quick live action sampling of upcoming defense or reaction training.

In addition, we offer group classes with a simulated indoor shooting range containing multiple lanes and multiple shooters. This makes instruction easier and more cost effective for both students and our company.

6) Paper Targets Don’t Scare People and Rarely Attack

How many of you have had to verbally command someone to drop their weapon? Or have ever had to pull your weapon in self-defense? Odds are not too many of us. With a shooting simulator we can simulate these stressful situations and test our clients in challenging conditions without their lives being on the line. With the careful eye of a trained instructor, putting our clients in these extremely stressful scenarios may just save a life — a powerful but true statement. Our simulators provide extremely realistic situations that will give our customers the ability to practice classroom techniques in a safe environment. New scenarios are added frequently allowing our customers to continually perfect their skills within constantly fresh and changing situations.

Police departments and government agencies have trained on simulators for years because they offer a realistic but safe arena to practice responses in dangerous situations. Fortunately technological advances in both software and hardware allow us to make this available for commercial use. Our customers will be benefiting greatly from situational training. Our simulators offer practice in life-like situations with real targets, noise (distraction), foul language and intimidating opponents. Customers are able to utilize multiple means of force including Glock and Beretta pistols, AR 15 rifles, shotguns, TAZERs, OC pepper spray. Afterwards the trainer is able to provide a post scenario review helping the client to improve performance. Simulations can even be videotaped to allow the student and trainer an enhanced training experience. That is a level of training most people yearn for but never have the opportunity to experience.


The first virtual firearms training simulator system was originally developed in 1984 as the brainchild of South African race car driver Jody Scheckter, who moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1989. The idea behind FATS, or Firearms Training Systems, Inc., now owned by parent company Meggitt Training Systems, was to use computer technology to provide interactive live-fire simulations for police forces, the military, and hunters. Though there are now other manufacturers in the U.S., FATS has become synonymous with the with the entire interactive simulation market.

Firearms simulators enable users to train in highly realistic threat situations through the use of video and digital projection imagery and firearms that have been modified to emit lasers but still feel like the original weapon.

Using film to create hundreds scenarios from hostage situations to terrorists on a plane or gunmen in a mall, and realistic backdrops for simulations, the technology helps law enforcement and gun enthusiasts learn how to better defend themselves and others in various real-life threat situations. Those who train on the system conduct fire exercises indoors in a dark room with projected images of various backgrounds including urban landscapes, battlefields, farmhouses and open fields, which create a particular sense of environment.

The technology is extremely attractive over live-fire exercises because of safety and low cost, allowing for practice and training without expending ammunition. The system tracks a shooter’s success rate in a way that would not be possible in live situations, recording how many rounds were fired, how many hit the target versus bystanders, and how many of the hits were fatal.

Rising costs and shortages in ammunition, as well as legislative and other perceived threats to gun ranges and gun rights will continue to increase virtual firearms training simulation ranges with gun enthusiasts.