October 3, 2016


From Citrus Heights PD Sergeant RE. Citizens on Patrol night at VSS


Ant A from Roseville Yelp

Amazing and realistic shooting scenarios coupled with years of experience and education from retired law enforcement instructors. It doesn’t get any better! If you are into shooting or have a CCW, this is a MUST.
This is Something that I would consider doing at least quarterly. Again, if you hold a CCW, take this training for everyone’s benefit, including the bad guys.
Great job VSS!!!! See you again soon!!

Eddy F from Sacramento Yelp

Wow. This is the type of training that should be required with every firearm purchase. Glad I was introduced to virtual safe shot.

Treston S from Sacramento Yelp

Just went here with my father in law.  OMG!  Awesome experience.  It’s an actual firearms virtual simulation that is identical to what the police and military use.  Great experience!  I’ve shot over 100,000 rounds in my life at ranges and in the woods, none of it compares to this experience of real world situations.  A great experience for a brand new or veteran shooter.  The staff was awesome and very informative and helpful.  Will be coming back at least once a month!

Ron M from Sacramento Yelp

This is a first-class operation. Whether you have your CCW or are considering getting one I would strongly recommend a few visits to VSS. The staff are all retired law enforcement officers with years of street experience and they are great! They are willing to share their years of experience and state of the art simulator with both experienced and non-experienced shooters. They have hundreds of scenarios that provide shoot/no shoot training. The staff is warm and friendly and treat you like family that genuinely appreciates your business.
Thank you VSS for a great experience, some valuable tips and I am looking forward to coming back in the very near future.

Mike C from Orangeville Yelp

My wife and I just went in for our first session at Virtual Safe Shot on a date night.  It was perfect!  We did the Deal for 40 minutes, but the staff (James and Tom) went over and above with their time, hospitality, and knowledgeable instruction.  They have full control over each scenario and can change character interaction based on your behavior.  The guns felt/were real even though they relaxed the kick for us some.  We learned an incredible amount about laws, criminal behavior and ourselves when it comes to how we’d react and where we need improvement.  They even have scenarios for pepper spray and tasers.  This is a must do for anyone beginning to think about self-defense, home defense, or concealed carry.  I would HIGHLY recommend Virtual Safe Shot.

Anthony A Irvine Ca Yelp

A must for everyone who hopes to never draw a firearm on someone but is willing to prepare to make the right judgment in a life or death situation.
I would consider myself well versed in firearms and a good to very good range shooter. I have done some tactical training at various indoor simulators that still use paper targets. I have also used the co2 type weapons at a virtual range (non scenario) on a military base. The experts at VSS are running the best training platform you could ask for. It reassured myself of my abilities physically while also allowing for stressful, high intensity situations to have the proper mentality to make the correct decision to shoot and more importantly when not to shoot.
I implore anyone even contemplating buying a gun or getting their CCW to visit this place before and many times after to understand the complexity of firearm responsibility.
Thank you VSS for providing this service to our community, will be by many more times.

Jodi C from Folsom Ca Yelp

There are a lot of reviews from very experienced shooters here. As a novice shooter, it was awesome. The instructors meet you at YOUR level and they have the experience to know where you are at. My training at VSS really got me to think about when, where, how and IF I should use my firearm. They are super friendly and let you relax and just learn! I can’t wait to go back!

Kevin C from Roseville Ca Yelp

I have been target practicing for 20+ years and this experience with Virtual Safe Shot is like no other!  It ties in all that you have learned over the years about firearms, shooting, and safety.
This operation is runned by four retired law enforcement officers and offer the best expertise and advice on staying safe in life.  Best of all, it was a lot of fun also!  Thank you VSS!

Geoffery L from El Dorado Ca Yelp

Great instructors.  The ability to have different outcomes depending on the actions was excellent.

Richard R Stockton Ca Yelp

My brother and I went Nov 2, 2016,  Wow
What an experience and a lot of fun, these guys are not  there to teach you how to shoot, but to be aware  in  ” shoot not shoot Threat simulations, there were many different simulated scenarios and use of Force options great for civilians and a must  For LEO’s  which do not have this system availed through their Dept’s they still need to tweak it a bit but over all worthy of a  5 rating, I will make this a part of training regiment, can’t Waite to go back,GREAT JOB VSS.

Jorge A Sacramento Ca Yelp

This place was amazing. I went with some friends over the weekend, the entire staff was very helpful and friendly. We went through a number of scenarios and range drills. The staff shared storied about their experiences. This is definitively NOT am arcade game. in some of the scenarios the adrenaline pumps. highly recommended for any one with shooting experience or who is thinking of acquiring a personal or home defense weapon.

Jimmy G Camino Ca Yelp

I have taken a few pistol courses and have a fair amount of hunting and target shooting experience, but this was an amazing eye opener in terms of how fast things happen and how you need to identity whether someone is a threat or not.  This is a must if you have a CCW.  The simplest of things like a clear front sight become difficult when you try and analyze and react to a situation.  Amazing experience, I will definitely be back!

Austin S Fair Oaks Ca Yelp

These guys are top notch! They took the time to really work with me and showed legitimate care. I will defiantly recommend them and I will be back for sure! You can really tell these guys have a passion for helping people understand how to use a firearm correctly. The knowledge you gain on your situational awareness is unreal just after one visit!

Edward T San Jose Ca Yelp

Stopped by to find out more information on the type of training offered. The staff was very knowledgeable and the scenarios were very realistic. I would highly recommend this place for additional training.

Darrin A Sacramento Ca Yelp

I found the training at VSS to be exhilarating and extremely realistic!  My heart was pumping and my adrenaline was racing as I reacted to situations that felt, looked, and sounded real. From home invasions to office active shooter situations, the training teaches you to think fast and make smart decisions. The system is used to train military and law enforcement and every aspect is professional grade.  Including the retired law enforcement agents running the simulated computer program and sharing real life experiences and best practices with their students. My wife is signing up next.  I would highly recommend VSS to any CCW holder, applicant, or individual who wants to be prepared for a life-threatening event.

Ann Z Fair Oaks Ca Yelp

A Must try!  Perfect for the amateur all the way up to the Expert. Learn  gun safety in a fun unique way with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Darren L Citrus Heights Ca Yelp

My son and I just finished a 1.5-hour session. I’ve been through multiple defensive shooting classes. However, this was one on best training sessions I have done in a long time. The scenarios they have are awesome. When do I shoot? It’s a question all responsible gun owners should ask themselves. James and Tom will help you fine tune that. Being retired law enforcement with an excellent knowledge base, James and Tom give you instant feedback and help, and they make you a more safe, proficient and competent gun owner. I plan on going back as often as I can

Bob B Sacramento Ca Yelp

VSS is fantastic for learning how you would react in different scenarios and how to improve your response especially when to NOT shoot.  The scenarios can have different outcomes depending on how you react including how you vocalize instructions (e.g. I have a gun. Come out with your hands up.  Put the gun down.  Let the person go, etc.)  The instructors are very helpful assessing what you did well or could improve.  They are all experienced deputies with years of real life experience.  It’s a very personalized approach.  For example, they record the scenarios and outcome that you experienced so that it might be different next time.  The whole point being that things are very fluid and to learn how to keep alert and assess the situation.  I think anyone considering or with a CCW should do this at least a few times. And even if you don’t have an interest in getting a CCW, it’s still very informative.  It’s awesome this is available in the Sacramento area.  I will absolutely be back!

Mary-Michelle C Crescent City Ca Yelp

My family had a great experience at Virtual Safe Shot. Our instructor, James, made sure we understood gun safety and felt comfortable with the guns we were using before we started. Going through the real-life scenarios was very informative. James debriefed us after every scenario so we could learn what we did right and what we need to work on. We feel much better prepared now to defend our home and family than before we went to Virtual Safe Shot.

Debby S San Francisco Ca Yelp

Have gone twice and it is a great experience.  As a beginner, I learned the basics and feel alot more comfortable around guns and how to use them.  I will be going back to learn more.  I had James both times and he was terrific and taught me alot.  Highly recommend!

Chris C Bologna Italy Yelp

Came across VSS and walked in and met James and Tom, the trainers and retired law enforcement officials.  After a ten-minute discussion about the training course, I thought it would be fun to take the forty-minute class.   It turned out to be more than just fun, James taught me valuable safety tactics about home security, weapons handling, and interactions with law enforcement.  In short, you will enjoy the courses offered AND learn about awareness training that could save your life.

Shauna H Sacramento Ca Yelp

This facility provides excellent training not only in firearm function and accuracy but also in judgement. I had never fired a gun so my husband took me here to learn how to handle myself if someone broke in to our house. The instructors are ex police officers so the training is thorough and professional. Our instructor, James, gave me a lot of great tips such as teaching me to reload with one hand, techniques for improving my aim and strategies for dealing with confrontational situations in a way that will keep me out of trouble with the police and still keep me alive. We had fun and I learned a lot about who I am in different situations. That is something I could never have learned at a traditional gun range. My husband and I plan on spending date night here once a month.

Polly R Rescue Ca Yelp

The trainers have extensive experience to share. They are offering a wide variety of tactical skills to any CCW holder. This should become a certificate requirement!  Thank you for that great learning opportunity

Douglas C San Mateo Ca Yelp

Outstanding training environment!  The gentlemen who operate this business are highly experienced and very supportive instructors. This training by far exceeded my expectations.
They have literally thousands of virtual simulations to choose from, all based on real world past incidents.
I participated in the 1.5 hour session and was there for over 2.5 Hours including instructor feed back on the simulations participated in (very nice Bonus!) This training is a truly excellent value for the money spent.

This is a great safe environment to learn many different aspects of dealing with challenging confrontation situations. Not every situation requires you draw your weapon or fire a shot. You end up learning how important are your other tools such as words and actions to deescalate and avoid lethal force when appropriate. I continued to learn more about safe weapon handling and seeing the replays of each simulation with the spot correction offered by the staff team was highly instructional to help improve on the next simulations.
over the course of the 2 plus hours, each simulation become more challenging and custom tailored to improve my on weaknesses. This is possible because of the quality of instructors and their familiarity with their system. I feel this is a very special and unique benefit to this specific training and a major reason i will return for additional training with them.
Mistakes are identified in a very supportive and pleasant correctional tone. You come away feeling much better about your ability to handle these situations as a result of both the technology and the folks who are there to help you.
There was a real confidence boost following this session despite my own mistakes!  I saw firsthand how it is possible to learn to better train my reactions to all sorts of potential violent confrontations, and from these simulations become more proficient at situational awareness, threat de-escalation and of course pistol craft and overall weapons handling.
I highly recommend this form of training and will return with others!

Daisy L Placerville Ca Yelp  Daisy is also a known publisher of prepper books and articles.

As a California CCW permit holder, I’ve taken far more than the training required to get my permit to carry a firearm. But no matter how many times you plink away at a paper target, there are some things you just can’t learn that way. The shoot/don’t shoot scenarios were incredibly eye-opening. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was pretty accurate under pressure but found that things happen so quickly that it is difficult to take in essential details when deciding whether or not to use deadly force.

They have hundreds of different scenarios and they are very, very realistic. As well, you can shoot from behind cover (an extremely important thing to learn!)  The guns that you use have a realistic recoil, too, so you get the experience of reacquiring your target if a second shot is necessary.

I’m planning on going twice monthly. I think this is the best possible training for anyone who carries a firearm on a regular basis. I strongly recommend it to any person who wishes to improve his or her judgment and accuracy in high pressure situations.

Kari H Sacramento Ca Yelp

very professional, greatly informative and comfortable atmosphere…and really fun!!

Herb S Roseville Ca Yelp

I took advantage of Virtual Safe Shots’ (VSS) offer to experience Virtual Firearm Training during a pre-opening session in the simulator room. I am very impressed with the experience!! What a great training facility!
First, what it is not for, in my opinion, are gun owners with very little (or virtually no) experience at a gun range. It is not an arcade.
VSS’s facility allowed me to experience around a dozen scenarios, during the 30 minutes, where I must make a decision when encountering a threat. My responses were a selection of voice, retreat or serious force. The $7,000 GLOCK pistol (a regular GLOCK that shoots bullets is around $500 — none of these in this business) that I chose to use did not use live ammo, but reacted just like a real gun using high-pressure CO2 gas. The scenarios were presented on a large floor to ceiling screen, where their equipment could precisely detect where the firearm was pointing, and show the impact of the “bullet” on the screen. The scenarios are modified by my actions and can also be instantly modified by their operator.
The staff provided very professional verbal feedback to me after each scenario.
Loved it. I will go back for multiple sessions with them.

Charles W Rancho Cordoba Ca Yelp

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a beta tester for VSS this past Saturday. Although they still have a way to go before they’re fully operational, the active shooter and hostage situation scenarios they present are invaluable in assessing your strengths and weaknesses if you are ever unlucky enough to be faced with one of these events. I learned as much in one hour of various scenarios and the accompanying instruction by James and the rest of the staff as I would in any four or five hours firing at paper targets at the range. Don’t misunderstand, you still need to develop your live firing skills but these scenarios put you through some situations that’ll definitely get your heart rate up and improve your judgement skills regarding the use of lethal force. At the beginning, I was a little fire-happy and would “overshoot” the perp or perps, if there even was one in each scenario. By the end of the hour, I was confident that I had the ability to judge the correct time, if any, to shoot and also to be able to actually fire off only one or two rounds to end the situation. Highly recommend for shooters of all levels. They have scenarios that range from traffic stops and domestic disturbances to virtual military hostage situations. I intend to make full use of this educational tool and include it, regularly, in my training. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s an absolute blast.