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Reality Check

Virtual reality is no longer just for the gaming industry — but how wise an investment the cutting-edge technology is remains up for debate

You and your son are home alone when you receive an unwanted visitor.

The doorbell rings. Your son goes to answer the door. From the kitchen, you hear a struggle and an unfamiliar voice. Your heart races as you rush out, holding your Glock 17 9mm.

“I have a gun!” you holler.

As you come around the corner, you see the male intruder: a stranger in shorts and a red shirt. He’s got your little boy in a tight grip.

You have three options: shoot, don’t shoot or use your pepper spray. Before you have time to think, the man pulls a knife.

You pull the trigger.

The simulated laser bullet tags the home invader in the neck, a lethal shot. You watch him collapse on the video screen on the wall. Your son is safe. Scenario complete, reads the caption.

This is just one of the thousands of scenarios at Virtual Safe Shot, a firearm training facility in Fair Oaks where students learn how to handle a weapon in a threatening simulation. The business launched in August, co-founded by James Keh, a former deputy with the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department, and three other retired deputies.

From police shootings to incidents like the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting, gun violence has been dominating news cycles in recent years. Additional virtual training could help civilians know how to respond in a hostile encounter, Keh says.

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